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This article is about the health-restoring item. For the race of acorn characters, see Acorn People.
"Acorns restore lost energy."
Conker's Pocket Tales

Acorns are a food in Conker's Pocket Tales that replenishes Conker's energy. In other words, the Acorns add to his Life Bar, allowing him to take more hits from enemies. Acorns are scattered throughout the worlds, including interiors; the first Acorn is even located indoors, in Conker's House along with a Conker nut. If Conker collects an Acorn, the Life Bar briefly displays on the screen and displays the total number of Acorns. Acorns do not regenerate unless the player resets the game.

Acorns would have had the same role in the cancelled title, Twelve Tales: Conker 64. An energy bar icon, located at the top-left corner of the screen, displayed Conker's health. The icon displayed an acorn stemmed from a tree branch, and its color would gradually decrease from Conker losing health. For instance, if Conker has half of his health, the icon displays a pale, orange-brown color. One Twelve Tales build even displayed the number of Acorns on a leaf.


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