Acorn People

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Acorn People
Acorn People.png
An Acorn Person
Species Acorn
Games Conker's Pocket Tales
"These mostly cheerful folk inhabit Conker's world and are happy to help when they can."
Conker's Pocket Tales manual, page 16

The Acorn People[1], also known as Acorn Friends, are a species of acorn who assist Conker on his journey in Conker's Pocket Tales. Many of the Acorn People inhabit Willow Woods, where they run around the world map in a set pattern.

If Conker talks to one, the Acorn Person provides him advice based on his specific objective. Some prominent characters are part of the Acorn People, such as the Forest Guardian and Undertaker, and have specific roles differing from that of the Acorn People.

The Acorn People have a variety of cultures in some earlier worlds. A Native American-based tribe of Acorn People, the Vulture Culture, appear outside the town in Vulture Ville. The few Acorn People of Krow Keep speak in a medieval accent, and the Acorn People residents of Mako Islands are based on island residents.




  1. Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 16
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