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Six Chocolates make up a full life bar.
"Anti-Gravity Chocolate... is kinda vurking! Ah, zat vill do... Out the **** vindow vit zat!"
— Professor Von Kriplespac

Anti-Gravity Chocolate, or simply known as Chocolate, are pieces of chocolate that are capable of restoring health. They make up Conker's Life Bar in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. Chocolates were created by Professor Von Kriplespac, but he abandoned developing them in favor of the Tediz. Conker can have a maximum of six Chocolates in his Life Bar.

A Chocolate in a cutscene with Von Kriplespac

Just as Conker exits the Hungover chapter, a cutscene plays. In one part, Kriplespac throws a Chocolate out of his lab in the Panther King's Castle. The Chocolate falls in front of Conker, who is at the very start of Windy. His Life Bar begin with three Chocolates. The origin of the other Chocolates scattered throughout the game is unknown.

Conker cannot pick up a Chocolate if his Life Bar is full, and he walks through it instead. Conker loses a chocolate from his Life Bar if he gets hit by an enemy or an obstacle. He will lose two Chocolates from certain, more lethal attacks. Conker loses a life, and therefore every chocolate, if he falls from too high, is sliced by metal blades, or crashes his Hoverboard in the race against the Surf Punks.

Its lesser known title, Anti-Gravity Chocolate, is likely based on how it slightly floats above ground. This behavior parodied how collectible items featured in other video games inexplicably float in midair, e.g. the Coins from the Mario titles.

Conker mentions Chocolate in the Spooky chapter after he meets Count Batula. He was happy to be offered a variety of food by him, stating that he was "getting sick of chocolate".

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