Barn Boys

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Conker in the Barn Boys chapter.

Barn Boys is the fourth chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Barn Boys' theme is entirely farm-based, from hay piles, sunflowers, and even cheese-based terrain. The area's landmark is a tall, old Barn, complete with an underground pipe system, a high ladder, and a water tank. The inhabitants of the chapter also speak with a country accent.

The chapter's name is a pun on Bad Boys. Its theme is similar to the Windy chapter's except it plays in a country-style, with instruments like the banjo and fiddle.



  • "Marvin"
  • "Mad Pitchfork"
  • "Sunny Days"
  • "Barry + Co."
  • "Buff You"
  • "Haybot Wars"
  • "Frying Tonight"
  • "Slam Dunk"


  • Barn Boys is the only chapter where Conker can skip an entire segment, specifically "Sunny Days".