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Bullfish CBFD art.jpg
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Bulldog-shark hybrid
Color Gray
Eye color Yellow (sclera)
Black (pupils)

The Bullfish is a large shark-bulldog hybrid in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded. He appears in the river of the Bats Tower chapter where he swims and patrols around the Catfishes' safe.

The Bullfish is light gray, has a spiked black collar (or red in Live & Reloaded), and a shark thin and tail. He has two large fangs extending from behind his bottom lip.


Conker meets the Catfish at the start of the Bats Tower chapter. They tell him about the Bullfish, who stole their belongings and is swimming around their safe, tethered to a rope. They request for someone "disposable" (referring to Conker) to get rid of him. As Conker swims to the entrance of the Bats Tower building, he must carefully swim past the Bullfish and avoid being bitten by it. If the Bullfish bites Conker, he goes up in the air and loses two Chocolate pieces.

The Bullfish gets further tethered down on his leash

In the Bats Tower, after Conker puts the three Lady Cogs on each post and runs on the stone wheel, a cutscene shows the Bullfish's leash being pulled into the ground. Quentin of the Schizoid Cog even tells Conker that his "little problem outside" (referring to the Bullfish) has been taken care of. The Bullfish is tethered by a rope and cannot swim to the water surface to bite trespassers. The Catfish safely swim over to enter the vault combination for Conker.

After Conker defeats The Big Big Guy and exits the vault, he sees the Catfishes again. While they argue over the vault's ten dollar Cash bundle, the Bullfish's rope slowly snaps. The Catfish drop the argument and swim away. He is barking at Conker, who also escapes from him. Just as he swims down the river trail, the Bullfish's rope breaks, and he chases Conker.

The Bullfish chomps after Conker at the dock.

In a parody of Jaws (including the background music), Conker swims down the river trail while the Bullfish chases and tries to eat him. The Catfish and Mrs. Catfish are located in separate parts of the trail. As Conker swims by each one, the Bullfish eats that Catfish, leaving behind its head and fishbone for remains.

Conker eventually climbs on the wooden dock, and the Bullfish charges behind him while eating away at the dock. Conker eventually jumps off the dock, and the Bullfish rams headfirst into a rocky wall, where its head gets stuck in permanently. Even when stuck, the Bullfish moves by waving its tail fins. Conker can bounce on it to reach an alcove with a wad of Cash. The Bullfish remains stuck here, even when Conker later re-enters the chapter.


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