Bunni the Rabbit

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Bunni the Rabbit
Bunni the Rabbit COBD art.jpg
Gender Female
First appearance Conker's Other Bad Day
Species Rabbit
Color Brown[1]
Eye color Grey[2]

Bunni the Rabbit, also known as Bunny Wabbit,[3][4] is a character appearing in concept design documents of the cancelled Conker's Other Bad Day, a deuteragonist acting as Conker's new girlfriend and love interest after losing the old one,[5][6] in the ending becoming subject to Conker's wedding plans.[7]


Bunni is described as a rabbit with ears bigger than Berri's and brown fur,[1] with other color details unclear. Concept art depicts her wearing a tea-length dress and a pair of high-top shoes akin to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars models.

Other sources that claimed the character to have been called "Bunny Wabbit", propose that the character was going to boast Conker's proportions, opposing the design document depiction. Unknown if this was a description of the character in the same timeline point though, they also describe her having grey, big eyes, more pronounced lisp than Conker, two stubby pigtails and big feet.[2] She is also described as to be a bit more cynical and precocious than Berri was,[3] her character behaviour resembling that of Veronica Sawyer from the dark comedy film Heathers,[8] and her voice probable of resembling that of Violet Berlin.[4]


Conker's Other Bad Day (cancelled)

Design document plot

As the fight of the Conker Vs Death situation finishes, injured Conker is back to his throne, drinking milk and planning for a royal wedding, having met a new love interest in The Gigantic section, who turns out to be Bunni the Rabbit.[9] Bunni is simply described as someone whom Conker rescues whilst travelling through Sewagassy Sea on a section-eponymous finest and largest sea-going liner in the history of land, declared unsinkable, but turning out to sink in any event of progress, in following described to be due hitting a giant, operatic pile of poo.[5][6] Conker is described as having yet to turn up for the wedding several times near the ending of the game, having been interrupted with having to defeat the Weasel Professor, the final boss two times, and destroy the DeathStarfish before it destroys the world. As he manages so, returning to his castle Conker turns up to the wedding and the Royal Wedding commences. On another side, the Berri clone appears to have survived, remembering none of the previous days' events, turning up to the Royal Wedding as Franky, as the wedding's celebrant, gives the objection speech,[10] and interrupts the moment clearing her throat—end credits roll out leaving unclearity to the next advances in this dramatic situation.[7]

Revised plot

The original plot had been re-envisioned as a much darker, in which Bunni ends up as a zombie, as who Conker marries anyway.[11][12][13] In this version, the last shot includes Bunni chained up next to him on the throne trying to bite his ear.[14]