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Mrs Catfish.png
Gender Female
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Catfish
Color Black (Bad Fur Day)
Purple (Live & Reloaded)
Eye color Green
This article is about the character with speaking lines. For the species, see Catfish (species).

Catfish is a character whom Conker encounters during some segments of the Bats Tower chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. As her name suggests, she is part of the Catfish species. She leads a group of five Catfish, whom she calls "ladies", and is usually the only Catfish to talk.

Catfish looks the same as the eponymous species, except for her yellow glasses. In the Xbox remake, each member of the Catfish species wears glasses. Catfish and the species all wear red lipstick and dark purple eyeliner. Their eyeliner was recolored to light pink in Conker: Live & Reloaded.


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Catfish offers Cash to Conker if he gets rid of the Bullfish.

At the start of Bats Tower, Conker meets Catfish and her three followers at the dock. She calls him and asks him to retrieve their Cash from the Vault, which is patrolled by the carnivorous Bullfish. Catfish claims that he stole the Catfishes' valuable possessions. None of the Catfish want to encounter the Bullfish, so she asks Conker to retrieve the Cash. She states that they want a "disposable" character to get rid of the Bullfish. Conker replies, "Asses to you then" because he must also protect himself.

Catfish is offended by Conker's language, so one of the other Catfish tries assuring her that Conker is one of many "commoners". Catfish asks to handle the conversation and offers Conker to keep ten percent of the Cash he recovers. The Catfishes swim off, and Conker asks why he was described as disposable. Although the Catfish ignore the question, Conker still agrees on doing the task for Cash.

Catfish is offended that Conker refuses to return their Cash bundle.

After Conker places the Schizoid Cog on to Mister Big Cog, the Bullfish's leash gets pulled farther down into the water. As Conker swims near the dock, he revisits the Catfish group. Catfish realizes that the Bullfish was tethered in the water, so she and her group feel safe to go to the safe. Conker asks for the safe combination, but Catfish refuses to provide it to him because of it being "classified information". Catfish decides to open the safe for Conker, who must lead all five Catfish to it. As he swims, Conker must avoid a few Clang Goblings who are patrolling the lake.

When they are at the vault, Catfish briefly makes fun of Bullfish for being stuck underwater. Bullfish gets angered and barks at Catfish, who describes him as "bad-tempered". Catfish opens the vault by spinning a slot reading "WRONG" and stopping it at "RIGHT". They wait for Conker outside.

After the boss battle with The Big Big Guy, Conker finds and collects the Cash bundle back at the vault entrance. He meets up with Catfish outside the vault. She allows Conker to keep a dollar of the bundle, revealed to be worth ten dollars. Conker is angry, believing his reward to be "worth a fortune". During their argument, the Bullfish's leash slowly snaps. Catfish takes notice and disregards the Cash to prioritize fleeing from the Bullfish. He eventually breaks free and swims after the Catfishes and Conker. As Conker swims away, the Bullfish kills each Catfish by eating them, leaving their fish bone behind as remains.