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The player selects a segment from the Uga Buga chapter.

Chapters are the name for the worlds accessed by Conker in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. If Conker has already accessed a chapter, the player can replay it from the "Chapters" sub-menu of the main menu. The sub-menu organizes every chapter chronologically, and players can even replay them by their events and/or segments. Kazooie's head makes a cameo in the menu, as it is used for an umbrella's handle.

Gameplay-wise, the chapters are not completely organized by chronology. Some parts can be skipped or done out of order. One example is the hub world, Windy, whose later segments are done shortly after the completion of the Uga Bug chapter. Another example is if Conker visits the Poo Cabin, only to find that it opens at 10 o'clock, he has the option to skip a majority of the Barn Boys chapter after he opens the Barn's door.

The concept of chapters were recycled from the cancelled Twelve Tales: Conker 64, which even had a unique Chapters sub-menu. This menu was literally set in a book with the game's logo on it; the book's pages were literally divided in "chapters". The player would move the Wizard's hand to select a chapter and a segment. Its hand is also used for the file selection menu. The first chapter for Twelve Tales is Windmill, which has three segments: "Balloon Bonanza", "Walls of Water", and "Owl Rings".


No. Name Segments
1 Hungover.png
  • "Scaredy Birdy"
  • "Panhandled"
  • "Gargoyle"
2 Windy chapter.png
  • "Mrs. Bee"
  • "Poo Cabin"
  • "Pruned"
  • "Yeehaa!"
  • "Sewage Sucks"
  • "Great Balls of Poo"
  • "Wasp's Revenge"
  • "Mr. Barrel"
3 Bats Tower.png
  • "Mrs Catfish"
  • "Barry's Mates"
  • "Cog's Revenge"
  • "The Combination"
  • "Blast Doors"
  • "Clang's Lair"
  • "Pisstastic"
  • "Brass Monkeys"
  • "Bullfish's Revenge"
4 Barn Boys.png
  • "Marvin"
  • "Mad Pitchfork"
  • "Sunny Days"
  • "Barry + Co."
  • "Buff You"
  • "Haybot Wars"
  • "Frying Tonight"
  • "Slam Dunk"
5 Sloprano.png
  • "Corn off the Cob"
  • "Sweet Melody"
  • "U-Bend Blues"
  • "The Bluff"
6 Uga Buga chapter.png
  • "Drunken Gits"
  • "Sacrifice"
  • "Phlegm"
  • "Worship"
  • "Rock Solid"
  • "Bomb Run"
  • "Mugged"
  • "Raptor Food"
  • "Buga The Knut"
7 Spooky.png
  • "Mr. Death"
  • "Count Batula"
  • "Zombies"
  • "Mr. Barrel"
8 Its War.png
  • "It's War"
  • "Power's Off"
  • "TNT"
  • "The Assault"
  • "Sole Survivor"
  • "Casualty Dept."
  • "Saving Private Rodent"
  • "Chemical Warfare"
  • "The Tower"
  • "Little Girl"
  • 'The Experiment"
  • "Countdown"
  • "Peace at Last"
9 Heist icon.png
  • "The Windmill's Dead"
  • "Enter the Vertex"
  • "The Vault"
  • "End Cutscene"