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First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Cheese
Color Yellow
Eye color Black

Cheese are wedges of cheese that appear in the Barn Boys chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Cheese are similar to Sweet Corn. Both are food that Conker must feed to a character, are small and yellow, and have large, googly eyes. They share voice clips, as both yell upon noticing Conker, and attempt to flee from him. When Conker picks one of them up, it cries and begs to be put down. The Key from the Hungover chapter shares their behavior and has the same voice clips.

In Bad Fur Day both characters share a model but have their own texture. Their scream was recycled from Conker's yell in Twelve Tales: Conker 64.[1]


Conker walks to the Cheese Farm.

Jack requests Conker to get the Large Female Box off of him; she sits on him because she is scared of mice, notably Marvin. Conker walks on a trail leading to the "Cheese Farm". There, he meets its gatekeeper, Burt, who willingly opens the gate for Conker.

In the Cheese Farm, Conker whacks a Cheese with his Frying Pan. He picks it up, walks down the trail, and feeds it to Marvin. He must repeat this cycle two more times. After eating a third Cheese, Marvin becomes too overweight and explodes.

The Cheese are not seen again, even in the Cheese Farm. It is unknown where they went after Marvin exploded. Their Sweet Corn counterpart appears in a later chapter, Sloprano.


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