Conker: Live & Uncut

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Conker: Live & Uncut
Conker Live Uncut Logo.jpg
Developer(s) Rare
Publisher(s) Unpublished
Programmer(s) Chris Marlow
Designer(s) Chris Seavor
Composer(s) Robin Beanland, Martin Penny
Release date Cancelled
Genre Platformer, Action
System Xbox

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Conker: Live & Uncut was an Xbox remake of Conker's Bad Fur Day with never-before-seen, uncensored content and completely revamped only-on-Xbox graphics and sound that was unveiled during E3 2003. It was eventually remade into Conker: Live & Reloaded. In addition to updated graphics, sound, a completely uncensored script, and not only in its entirety but actually expanded with extra footage that didn't make the original cut.

Key Features

Team-focused, story-driven, live gameplay: With multiple scenario-based gameplay modes, each with its own story, gamers would experience much more than a "shoot everything" premise. In the team-based scenarios, players would be thrust into themed environments that reflect the specific goals they are challenged to meet. The scenarios are designed to be played by two or more teams at once, with up to 16 players. Gamers can play various scenarios, including The Heist, which pits four teams of four against each other in a deadly race to rob a bank. Or, experience the never-ending onslaught of ravenous aliens attacking a lonely space outpost in "Alien Base." Each scenario was highly customizable, allowing for dozens of variations in gameplay.

A raunchy, twisted, and irreverent world: The humor, characters, and gameplay are over the top in every way, with rude wit, lewd innuendoes, ridiculously graphic violence, and of course, foul language. The juxtaposition of the characters, cartoon animals, and their world is at the heart of the humor. The taunts, exclamations, and character reactions bring out the true Conker flavor.

Wildly creative and bizarre single-player adventure: Highly bizarre and unusual situations require creative thinking to solve puzzles and would leave gamers craving more. Players would experience crazy and creative characters doing strange things in a huge, detailed, and offbeat world. Horny bees, slow-witted farm implements, singing piles of poo, and even Death himself (he's much shorter in person) are all par for the course. Movie pastiches on classic films also are included.


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