Evil Acorn (enemy)

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This article is about the common enemy of Twelve Tales. For the main antagonist of Pocket Tales, see Evil Acorn.
Evil Acorn
Evil Acorn enemy.png
First appearance Twelve Tales: Conker 64 (cancelled)
Species Acorn
Color Green
Eye color Orange (in-game)
Purple (artwork)

Evil Acorns are common enemies in the cancelled title Twelve Tales: Conker 64. As their name suggests, Evil Acorns are a type of acorn. They are colored green, their head sticks out from their brown acorn shell, and they usually cross their eyelids. Evil Acorns have a leaf for their feet. Their eye color is orange in-game but purple in official artwork.

On the start-up for Twelve Tales, when the game's logo and Conker appear on-screen, three Evil Acorns chase after him, and he runs off-screen. Evil Acorns appear in the first world, Windmill.

Despite not appearing in Conker's Pocket Tales, two Evil Acorns appear on the cover art, which itself is based on promotional art for Twelve Tales. Differences with the Evil Acorns on the Twelve Tales cover art is their eyelids are not crossed and the one on the right was relocated a bit farther from Conker and does not jump behind him.