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Not to be confused with Forest Guardian.
"Forest Wong is a hermit who promises to give the crusading squirrel all the help he can."
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 16

The Forest Wong is one of the Acorn People who appears in Conker's Pocket Tales. He lives in the Spooky Forest of the first world, Willow Woods. Aside from the world's normal residents, Forest Wong is one of two Acorn People who appear in Willow Woods, the other being Forest Guardian.

After Conker completes the Shooting Gallery sub-game, the Forest Guardian grants access for Conker to enter the Spooky Forest. He can enter the Forest Wong's house from the forest's eastern region. Here, the Forest Wong provides him with the Key to unlock the entrance to Mushroom Town. The upstairs floor has a blue Present, which he asks if Conker has checked.

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