Honker the Skunk

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Honker the Skunk
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Pocket Tales
Species Skunk
Color Black and white
Eye color Yellow
"A real skunk-of-all-trades, this scheming creature is always around when there's mischief in the air."
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 17

Honker the Skunk is the rival and mischievous doppelganger of Conker in Conker's Pocket Tales. He is a skunk and a minion of the Evil Acorn. Honker is a mini-boss in Vulture Ville but is the boss of the fourth world, Mako Islands.


Conker and Honker in a shootout competition.

Honker is first encountered in Vulture Ville. Conker was framed for shooting the Sheriff, and was taken to jail. After Conker escapes from jail, the Sheriff realizes that Honker is the real fugitive. Conker finds Honker in the Bank, where they get in a shootout match. Conker eventually wins at the match.

Conker later finds Honker at Mako Islands, and finds himself in four sport challenges: a long jump, shooting practice, swimming, and hurdles. By winning every mini-game challenge, Conker wins a Boat piece.

If Conker retrieves every Boat piece, the Evil Acorn pits him into a boat race against Honker. This is necessary for Conker to obtain a Key to the Aztec Temple. Honker does not have another role since, although he does appear in the end credits.



  • Honker's official artwork is based on Conker's. He also wears red shoes, which appears blue in-game.
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