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Jack CBFD photo.png
Jack in Conker's Bad Fur Day
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Box
Color Light gray
Eye color Blue

Jack is a large box who appears in the Barn Boys chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. Prior to entering the chapter, a Large Female Box with musophobia hops on him because of Marvin. As with the other characters in Barn Boys, Jack speaks in a farm accent.


At the start of Barn Boys, Conker finds Jack being crushed by the Large Female Box, as she is trying to avoid a mouse, Marvin. Jack tells Conker to meet his friend Burt at a Cheese farm. Jack provides his name for Conker to tell Burt that he sent him. Conker must feed three blocks of Cheese to Marvin to make him explode. The Large Female Box then hops off Jack, who thanks Conker, stating he would not have lasted a moment longer.

Jack goes on to mention "something real neat" inside the Barn (which is never directly revealed, however Conker asks the Haystacks about it when he first enters). Him and the Large Female Box remain motionless and allow Conker to use them for platforms to access the roof, more specifically to activate a switch on it.

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