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Conker holds a Katana.
"Wielding a katana will grant the wielder incredible powers of leaping. Always place the pointy end into a Tediz."
Conker's Bad Fur Day: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, page 95

The Katana is a weapon used by Conker in the ending of Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded. Its main role is in Bad Fur Day's Multi mode, where it is used as a cutting weapon.


In Multi, the Katana is the second most effective cutting weapon, and the first is the Chainsaw. Like the Sabre, the Katana is also used as a sword for attacking other characters.

By wielding a Katana, the player's moveset changes to that of a samurai's. This includes the abilities of: withstanding the fall from greater heights, jumping higher, and running twice as fast than normal. Characters with a Katana are absent from the radar. By pressing B Button, the player can make his or her character draw or holster the Katana. The Z Button button makes the character swing the Katana. When the player's character swings the Katana at an opponent, he or she does a front-flip jump and thrusts the sword into the opponent's head. The character sometimes makes a ninja-like yell. If the player presses Z Button another time, the character slices its opponent's head off.

In the end of Bad Fur Day, Conker struggles to defeat Heinrich, and the game locks up. He communicates to a Programmer and requests to choose from a selection of weapons. Conker decides on a Katana, which he uses to slice off Heinrich's head.

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