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First appearance Conker's Pocket Tales
Species Key
Color Silver (Pocket Tales)
Gold (Bad Fur Day and onward)
Eye color Black
(Bad Fur Day)
(Live & Reloaded)

Keys are items found throughout the Conker series.


Conker's Pocket Tales

Artwork from Conker's Pocket Tales

In Conker's Pocket Tales, Keys have the typical role of unlocking doors. They look silver and metallic. The first Key obtained by Conker is from the Forest Guardian so that he can unlock the Windmill's door. The Keys are also found in random areas, or rewarded for completing a puzzle.

There is a unique type of key, known as the Special Keys, which are required for entering the Aztec Temple.

Conker's Bad Fur Day / Conker: Live & Reloaded

Conker looks at the first Key.

Since Conker's Bad Fur Day, Keys have turned into living objects with googly eyes and a yellow body paint. They also appear in the game's remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Conker finds the first Key in a room during the "Panhandled" segment of the Hungover chapter. When Conker walks up to the Key, it gets frightened and quickly hops away from him. Its behavior is very similar to Sweet Corn and Cheese. The Key also makes the same screech as them, which was recycled from Conker's one in Twelve Tales: Conker 64.

After he attempts to catch the Key, Conker stops and remembers how to use the Frying Pan. He whacks the Key with it, and then picks it up and unlocks the room's door. It is then released again. In Live & Reloaded, Conker finds an arrangement of weapons on a rack instead, including the Frying Pan and Baseball Bat.

Later in the Spooky chapter, Conker gets trapped in Count Batula's Mansion. He can only exit from the front door, which has three keyholes in it. Conker must find three Keys to unlock it. Unlike the one from "Hungover", these Keys are idle and do not attempt to flee. They still retain their googly eyes, which gives the impression that they are still living.

Conker must take careful steps when he gets a Key. He has to walk back to the door with it while avoiding Zombies. To add difficulty, if Conker falls down too far, the Key vanishes and returns in its original location.

The first Key is found in the Mansion's library, on its second floor, up the stairs. Here, Conker must kill Bats, balance across thin walkways and reach the Key at the end. After Conker places it in its keyhole, a path appears over a pit, which allows him to access the Mansion's courtyard from the bottom floor.

The second Key is located in the center of the courtyard's hedge maze. After it is placed in its keyhole, a ladder appears on the second floor of the grinder room.

The third and final Key is found on the highest floor, and is only accessible from the ladder. To carry the Key downstairs, Conker must pull a lever from the top floor; this reveals a secret passageway, with an entrance from the topmost floor and an exit on the right side of the foyer's staircase. Conker goes down this trail, and then to the front door. He puts the final key in, turns it, and the mansion door opens.

Conker's Big Reunion

Keys are also present in Conker's Big Reunion DLC for Project Spark.

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