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The portrait of Count Batula's forefather. a member of the Kulas of Conk.

The Kulas of Conk were the oldest family of Squirrels who ruled the Panther Kingdom centuries ago. Their history is told by Count Batula, one of their descendants, in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded, and they never physically appear in game. Conker is the last descendant of the family.

There are two portraits of Kulas of Conk members in the dining room of Count Batula's Mansion, both of which are altered photos of Conker's artwork from Conker's Pocket Tales. One of the portraits is very large and is centered on the wall behind the dining table. It depicts a squirrel with fangs in knight's armor. The smaller portrait on the left, nearly twice as small, depicts a squirrel in pilgrim-like clothing.

After Conker dines he notices the large portrait behind him and asks Batula who the squirrel is. He mentions its resemblance to Batula despite a luck of such. Batula reveals that it is his forefather, described as a crusader in war centuries ago. He then discusses how the Kulas of Conk were allies with the panthers and how the affiliation ended as a failure; the panthers betrayed them, overtook the Kingdom, and banished the Kulas of Conk. Conker then mocks Batula's forefather's teeth, deeming it "stupid", and asks if any good dentists existed then. Batula gets angry for a couple of second, and he later apologizes as he gets "touchy" when discussing his ancestors.

The large portrait was removed from Conker: Live & Reloaded. Conker asks about the smaller portrait instead, which went unmentioned in Bad Fur Day; the smaller portrait's photo is identical except its flipped. It also has a cobweb on it.


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