Mako Islands

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Mako Islands in Conker's Pocket Tales.
"The tropical paradise of the Mako Islands has inspired many of the Acorn People to begin a new life there."
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 18

Mako Islands,[1] also known as Mako Island,[2] is the fourth world in Conker's Pocket Tales. It takes place on five islands, all with names based on their location on a map: Central, North, East, West, and South Island. The world boss is Conker's doppelganger, Honker the Skunk.


On the Central Island, the Beach Acorn tells Conker of an annual boat race that he can participate in. Though to do so, Conker must assemble his own Boat from scattered pieces on each island. Conker can earn each piece by competing with Honker in a few sport-related challenges, including swimming, jumping hurdles, long jumps, and a coconut shooter. Afterward, they must both compete in a boat race, which if Conker wins he obtains one of the Keys to the Aztec Temple.


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