Mrs. Bee

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Mrs. Bee
Queen Bee LnR.png
Gender Female
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Bee
Color Yellow and black
Eye color Green
"Oh, those nasty, nasty wasps."
— Mrs. Bee

Mrs. Bee, also known as Queen Bee,[citation needed] is a large female bee who appears in the Windy chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. She is the queen of a bee colony.

Mrs. Bee is noted by Conker for being unattractive yet rich. Mrs. Bee's husband is King Bee, who had cheated on her in favor of the Sunflower in Barn Boys chapter. Ever since this occurred, Wayne and the Wankas constantly stole her Hive, which is no longer under defense by King Bee. Given her circumstances, Mrs. Bee is often upset.


Queen Bee mentions her hive was stolen by wasps.

Just after entering the Windy chapter, Conker walks down a trail and meets Mrs. Bee. She is crying and upset that her Hive was stolen by Wasps (more specifically, Wayne and the Wankas). In a thought bubble, Conker states that he hopes she is wealthy because he does not deem her "cute". Mrs. Bee asks him to retrieve the Hive, and Conker agrees. He asks where it is located, and Mrs. Bee tells him to follow the instructions from a nearby signpost.

Conker finds Mrs. Bee's Hive outside the Wasp Hive and runs back with it to Mrs. Bee, while Wayne and the Wankas chase him. He throws the Hive on its original location, and Mrs. Bee climbs in and fires machine guns from the Hive to kill them. She then states that her "no-good husband" (King Bee) formerly defended the Hive, but cheated on her for another woman (later revealed to be Sunflower). Conker says that he is not surprised by this fact. He disregards the statement, and Mrs. Bee rewards a 100-dollar Cash bundle to Conker.

Mrs. Bee urges Conker to leave the Wasp Hive.

In the "Wasp's Revenge" section of Windy, after Conker exits from the Uga Buga chapter, he discovers that Wasps have stolen Mrs. Bee's Hive again. She provides the same upset reaction and states that her husband has still not returned. She wants Conker to retrieve her Hive again. Conker asks what he is in it for, to which Queen Bee replies Cash. He requests a higher pay than last time—Conker originally decides double the pay, then triple. Mrs. Bee tells Conker that retrieving the Hive again will be harder, as it is a "deep insurgency mission" in the Wasp Hive. In response, Conker ultimately requests quadruple the original pay. She becomes shocked and slightly outraged, and Conker sarcastically shifts his attention away and decides to walk off. Out of desperation, Mrs. Bee obliges and calls Conker back, telling him that she will pay quadruple. She miscalculates the amount to be 200 dollars, but Conker figures out that the actual amount is 400 dollars while also claiming to not be very good at math.

After Conker shoots down an entire wave of Wasps inside their large wasp nest, Mrs. Bee quickly pops in, cites a "lull in the waves" and urges Conker to retreat with her Hive. Like last time, Conker must run with the Hive and return it to Mrs. Bee while being chased by Wayne and the Wankas, who have somehow survived being shot by Mrs. Bee. When Conker successfully return the Hive to Mrs. Bee, she fires more weapons at Wayne and the Wankas, including missiles and twice the amount of gunfire, which ultimately kills them. She then happily rewards Conker with 400 dollars, otherwise four Cash bundles each.

In the first segment of Heist, "The Windmill's Dead", it is revealed that Mrs. Bee and her Hive were splattered and killed from the Windmill collapsing onto them.

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