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Gameplay screenshot

Pea-Under-Cup[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales. It is a basic memory game hosted by an Acorn friend in Krow Keep. In order to play Pea-Under-Cup, Conker must pay a token to the Acorn friend.

In the minigame, there are four gray cups on a brown table. A pea is shown inside one of the cups for a few seconds, and then the cups are shuffled around the table. Conker must pay attention to the cup with the pea as it moves around, and once the cups stop moving, he must select the correct one. There are three rounds, and the cups move faster in each one. If Conker correctly guesses in at least two of the three rounds, he wins. The Acorn friend then opens the locked gate into the castle and rewards Conker with a Present. If Conker correctly guesses all three times, he is also given an Acorn (or four Acorn units for his health bar in the Game Boy version).


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 14): "Watch carefully and see if you can keep track of the pea as the cups are shifted around. Use the + Control Pad to move the cursor and press the A or B Button to make your guess. Get at least two out of three guesses right to win!"


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