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Conker kills a Zombie with the Shotgun in Live & Reloaded.

The Shotgun is a weapon that Gregg provides for Conker to use in the Spooky chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is the only weapon that can kill Zombies, and therefore replaces the Frying Pan (or Baseball Bat) for most of the chapter.

Oddly, in Live & Reloaded, the Shotgun was redesigned to more closely resemble a blunderbuss.


Gregg gives the Shotgun to Conker

In the Spooky chapter, after pulling a lever to open the Graveyard entrance, Conker must talk to Gregg at the pier. Here Gregg provides him with a Shotgun to properly fight and kill Zombies with, as he hates the undead.

The first time when Conker is required use the Shotgun is in the following Graveyard, where he must kill numerous Zombies. To instantly kill a Zombie, Conker must shoot at its head. He can injure a Zombie by shooting it elsewhere, although this does not kill them.

Later in Count Batula's Mansion, Conker can use his Shotgun against each Zombie throughout the location. Although this is not required, it allows him to more easily navigate through the mansion, and to return each Key into the front door.


In Multi, the Shotgun is a weapon only used in the Bunker and Temple maps of the Deathmatch mode. Its codename is the HW-10.[1] The Shotgun is a pick-up weapon, and it is one of the most powerful weapons as firing at a nearby opponent instantly kills them, exploding the upper half of their body.


Conker shooting with the Shotgun in Bad Fur Day

The player can make Conker aim the Shotgun with a red laser by pressing R Button, then Z Button (or the Right Trigger in Live & Reloaded) to fire. Like his main weapon, the Frying Pan or Baseball Bat, Conker draws out the weapon by pressing B Button, and holsters it if the same button is pressed again. After firing from the Shotgun, Conker automatically reloads it within two seconds.

In Bad Fur Day, Conker can only use the Shotgun by aiming without moving. In Live & Reloaded, the dual control sticks of the Xbox Controller allows Conker to better aim the Shotgun. The remake also gives him the ability to move or jump while using it.


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