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A Spider Mine.
Conker guides a TNT Imp around a Spider Mine.

Spider Mines[1] are large robotic spiders in the It's War chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. Unlike real-world spiders, they only have six legs instead of eight. They could be a parody of the Vectrocon robotic spiders from the 1984 film, Runaway.

Spider Mines unexpectedly pop out the ground and chase Conker. If Conker gets too close to a Spider Mine, it explodes and injures him. Conker finds the first Spider Mines in the SHC port, on the right-side pathway to the port exit. Conker has to guide a TNT Imp around them to the end in order to detonate it and blow up the plane blocking the port's exit.

Spider Mines appear to be war tech of the Tediz, as most of them appear in the base on Tediz Island. At one point an entire swarm of Spider Mines fill up the halls and chase Conker. He runs into a nearby elevator, and its door closes on the Spider Mines. A Spider Mine's leg even snaps off as it almost enters the elevator.

Spider Mines in Conker: Live & Reloaded

The Experiment unleashes two Spider Mines from its back after Conker defeats him. They were most likely contained inside for defense. The Little Girl refers to them as her "little babies". The two Spider Mines latch to the Class Twenty-Two and self-destruct. The tank explodes, but Conker and Rodent survive.


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