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TNT Imp.jpg
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Gobling
Color Purple
Eye color Black (Bad Fur Day)
Velvet (Live & Reloaded)
"I'll just sit here..."
— TNT Imp

TNT Imps are light-purple, stinky Goblings with a giant TNT keg strapped to their back for unknown reasons. They only appear in the It's War chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. TNT Imps frequently stutter while they talk, and likely have bowel problems given that they badly stink up a bathroom.


Conker finds a TNT Imp by knocking on a bathroom door in the SHC port. Conker covers his nose as the bathroom smells really bad. The TNT Imp asks Conker if he is a janitor because the bathroom is out of Toilet Paper. Conker says that he is not a janitor, and requests them to move elsewhere because the bathroom's horrible smell. The TNT Imp walks out the bathroom and says that he has something large on his back but cannot see it. Conker assures him to not worry about it, as he has a plan to use the TNT barrel to blow up the plane blocking the port exit. The TNT Imp gets exhausted and requests Conker to push him someplace else. Conker reluctantly agrees. Even when him and Conker distance away from the bathroom, Conker says "eww" and "ugh" over the TNT Imp's smell, likely because he did not wipe.

Before Conker can push the TNT Imp down a nearby dirt slope, he has to push a block at the slope. This allows the TNT Imp to safely slide down, otherwise he falls off the edge. This kills the TNT Imp as the barrel explodes on him, causing his guts to fly everywhere. If that happens, Conker can go back to the bathroom door and knock on it to bring out another TNT Imp.

Conker must carefully push the TNT Imp across either one of the two pathways and avoid the obstacles. One pathway has boxes and crushing steel bricks, whereas the other one has explosive Robo-Spiders. Both pathways have a dead end located right next to the plane, of where the TNT Imp decides to sit down at.

After the TNT Imp sits down, Conker must go on a B Pad on the opposite end of the area. He must then fire a flaming Conker at him (which only works when the electricity is restored). Doing so explodes the TNT keg and partially blows up the massive plane. Conker must bring out a second TNT Imp, push it across the other pathway, and also shoot a flaming Conker at it. This explodes the second one's TNT, which then blows up the entire plane. The port exit has been usable ever since.

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