The Sarge

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The Sarge
The Sarge.jpg
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Squirrel
Color Gray
Eye color Black
“Dang, boy! We sure is lucky bastards to survive that atrocious atrocity!”
Army Captain

The Sarge[1] is the leader of the Squirrel High Command army in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. He only appears in a few cutscenes of the It's War chapter but not during gameplay.


Conker is knocked out by The Sarge.

Just when Conker exits from the Spooky chapter, a World War II-based propaganda film plays on screen. It involves The Sarge asking for squirrels to join the Squirrel High Command as recruitment for fighting the Tediz.

Conker first meets The Sarge shortly after entering It's War, just after a plane crashed into the port exit earlier. The Sarge believes Conker is a new recruiter. He is provided two instructions on getting rid of the plane crash, so the SHC can move out to fight the Tediz. The second instruction was The Sarge simply repeating the first order, resulting in him saying "fuck that shit".

The Sarge does not like Conker's attire but believes he can be redeemed by completing the task. The Sarge leaves him and sings the military cadence to himself.

After detonating two TNT Imps at the crashed plane, Conker must meet The Sarge back at small raft. He suddenly asks, "What the hell was that?" to Conker by pointing out something. Conker turns his head, but this was a trick from The Sarge who then knocks him out by punching his head. Conker later wakes up on the raft, docked outside of Tediz Island.

The Sarge and Conker reflect on war being terrible.

The Sarge is later seen after Conker explodes and escapes from Tediz Island. The Sarge is about to leave with the survivors on the boat until Conker runs to it, asking them to wait for him. The crew stop the boat and allow him to get on. The Sarge then orders the surviving SHC members to draw out snipers and shoot nearby Tediz.

Some time after the boat leaves, The Sarge calls Conker over. They both view Tediz Island from the distance, briefly discussing the tragedy of war. The Sarge mentions his dislike for other generals, citing their "big, fancy houses" living twenty miles behind enemy lines. He questions what kind of authority they have.




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