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A scene from the chapter, showing Conker standing next to an Uga.
Not to be confused with Uga or Buga the Knut.

Uga Buga is the sixth chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is a prehistoric-themed world whose native inhabitants are the Uga-Bugas, who share the same name except for a hyphen combining the words "Uga" and "Buga". Uga Buga has a volcanic portion, where the Uga-Bugas go to worship the Dragon Statue. Another portion includes a a battle against a giant cavemen in an area based on Ancient Rome's Colosseum. The previous chapter is Sloprano and the next is Spooky.

Uga Buga is protected by the Weasel Guards, who demand every passerby pay a toll worth $1000 in Cash. It is the only world to not be directly accessible from Windy because the chapter's entrance is directly after Sloprano. Uga Buga is one of the longest chapters of the game.



  • "Drunken Gits"
  • "Sacrifice"
  • "Phlegm"
  • "Worship"
  • "Rock Solid"
  • "Bomb Run"
  • "Mugged"
  • "Raptor Food"
  • "Buga the Knut"
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